2 min readAug 28, 2019


Front Row Sound Anywhere at the Fest: Outside Lands Demos Democratized Sound

The Mixhalo app streaming multiple stages at Outside Lands.

It was unseasonably warm at this year’s Outside Lands Music Festival, with the often-foggy Golden Gate Park bathed in sunlight and the sounds of the artists Another Planet brought to play.

This year, a select few got a quick peek at what to expect from future festivals, with a tech upgrade courtesy of Mixhalo.

A fan swipes between different stages on the Mixhalo app.

Outdoor music festivals are the perfect platform for us. Delivering crystal clear audio is a challenge, compounded by many fans’ desire to travel from one stage to another as the day progresses.

So…why not plug fans directly into the soundboard and give them front row sound wherever they are at the festival?

In collaboration with festival presenter Another Planet Entertainment, an investor in Mixhalo, we made exactly that happen. For now, it was friends, family, brand partners and a handful of others invited to pair the free Mixhalo app with 1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones for access to exceptional audio from headliners like Flume, Childish Gambino and Paul Simon.

Fans of the above acts could enjoy hearing them like never before with Mixhalo.

For future festivals, it’ll be anyone with a ticket.

Whether they’re dancing at the back of the crowd, cruising between stages to see another set, coming back from a beer run, drowning out the people around them or plugging directly into a distinct mix, Mixhalo democratizes sound for everybody at an event.

We’ve got future tests planned through the end of 2019 and beyond. Follow us here, on Twitter and LinkedIn to get access to the latest.

Working our way up: Mixhalo antennas are positioned high above crowds for optimum network performance.