Sweet music for your ears: A whole new sound paradigm

Marc and Holly Ruxin, Marc Geiger
  • Imagine a world where you no longer need expensive PA systems to host large scale events.
  • Imagine play-by-play in stadiums without having to hold a transistor radio to your ear like your grandfather did.
  • Imagine plugging your favorite singer right into your ears from the nosebleed seats.

Plugging in.

You deserve better.

  • Custom hardware: Because venue WiFi is often weak and cell connectivity spotty, we created our own custom hardware.
  • No (additional) lines: With so many crowd control challenges in large groups, we also didn’t want people to have to buy or rent a device to get this experience. Or for our team or customers to have to collect them at an event’s end.

A whole new sound paradigm.

Democratizing sound.



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Democratizing audio at live events.