Transforming The Way We Hear Together

3 min readJan 15, 2020
Ann Marie Simpson-Einziger. Image by Julian Schratter.

By Ann Marie Simpson-Einziger, Co-Founder of Mixhalo

As we enter into a new decade, and as Mike and I prepare for our keynote at the NAMM Show this Friday, I’ve taken some time to reflect on how the live event industry has evolved over the past decade, and more importantly, what the future holds.

Let’s first look at past technology that inspired us. I’ll start by sharing Mixhalo’s founding story, and it all begins in an Incubus rehearsal room…

Mike was working with Jon Theodore, the drummer from Queens of the Stone Age for a Grammy performance with Skrillix and Diplo. He stopped by an Incubus rehearsal and his production manager, Ted Whitacre, asked if he wanted to give Jon a radio pack. That’s when it hit him: what if everyone could come to a show and experience it like an artist? What if they could use their own phone and headphones instead of a radio pack and in-ear monitors?

Mixhalo Co-Founders Ann Marie Simpson-Einziger and Mike Einziger. Image by Natalie Schrik.

The need to unlock artist-quality sound to everyone in the audience had to be solved — and we wanted to be the ones to do it.

Luckily, we met Vik Singh who had deep knowledge of networking and mobile technologies and Nate Pollack, who had fantastic experience in mobile and WiFi product development. Both left Cisco Meraki to join us, and Mixhalo was born.

Mixhalo transforms the way we hear together. Live sound is ephemeral, and hearing perfectly in the moment is important. Audiences need this, and artists are keen on giving their fans the best possible experience. It’s a win-win.

And Mixhalo isn’t just for live music. Our technology’s real-time audio experience results in every seat — including the nosebleeds — accessing better, more immersive audio. Whether that’s a concert, conference, sporting event, broadway show, museum or megachurch.

As for what the future of events holds…so much.

Technology that heightens all five senses creating a full-sensory dynamic storytelling experience. Elevated personalization allowing fans to customize their own schedules, language and soundboard feed. A VIP experience in the upper bowl and balcony. The future will be in your hands.

And we’ll be there too. Mixhalo is partnering with your favorite artists and with landmark venues. You will also see us in sporting environments, at festivals, and conferences, and much more.

But this week, join us at NAMM, where we’ll demonstrate first-hand the future of live entertainment. We’ll be joined by some incredible people in the biz, including Young Guru, iZotope’s Mark Ethier, A3E, and our good friends, Polyphia.

Please come see us, and don’t forget to bring your wired headphones, earbuds or in-ear monitors!

When: Friday, January 17 at 12pm

Where: NAMM Show at Hilton Anaheim (Floor 2, California B Ballroom)

See you at NAMM 2020!