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One question we often get from people who are just learning about Mixhalo is: doesn’t wearing headphones at a live event take away from the collective, social aspect of the event? The answer will surprise you.

Ten times out of ten, this comes up when a new partner is considering…

By Greg Nelson, front-of-house engineer for Pearl Jam, Incubus, and others

When I began my career as a live sound engineer in the early 90s, I couldn’t have predicted how much the music scene was going to change — but I knew that live music was my passion, and that…

By Marc Ruxin, CEO of Mixhalo

STAPLES Center in Los Angeles is the first major arena to install Mixhalo for testing.

“Upon approval by the artist, manager, agent and promoter, this technology will allow you to access feeds coming directly from the soundboard — so you’re hearing exactly what they’re hearing in the front row if you’re in the upper bowl of STAPLES Center,” said…

Front Row Sound Anywhere at the Fest: Outside Lands Demos Democratized Sound

The Mixhalo app streaming multiple stages at Outside Lands.

It was unseasonably warm at this year’s Outside Lands Music Festival, with the often-foggy Golden Gate Park bathed in sunlight and the sounds of the artists Another Planet brought to play.

This year, a select few got a…

The first time I heard Marc Geiger (my friend and WME Head of Music) pitch the idea behind Mixhalo, I was skeptical, but intrigued.

“What if you could stream a live concert directly from the soundboard to your phone using your own headphones?” Um, yes please!


Democratizing audio at live events.

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